Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stationery and Letter Sets at!

We posed a question on our Facebook not long ago asking, "When was the last time you wrote a handwritten letter?" With technology advancing more and more everyday, we tend to lose touch of the more simpler and heartfelt things like personal, handwritten mail. We, at CoolPencilCase, still love that personal touch, you can't find in emails but in pretty stationery paper and smooth gel ink pens. Take a look at our collection of letter sets below and see what we're talking about!

stationery and letter sets at
Happy Cat Letter Set $8.45

stationery and letter sets at
Bear's World Trip Letter Set $8.45

It doesn't even have to be a letter...write a note to your classmate during lunch, thank your mom for being awesome, or leave a reminder for the doctor's appoint tomorrow, you'll be surprised at the endless uses for these stationery sets!

stationery and letter sets at
Quirky Girl Stationery Set $8.45

stationery and letter sets at
Baby Love Stationery Set $8.45

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