Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Giveaway with YouTube Star TheBeautyFashionBabe

Hey everyone! We hope you all have been enjoying the your back-to-school time. We're sure you have all missed your friends and are beyond excited to start your new classes with fun, new school supplies from Cool Pencil Case!

This week, we've teamed up with YouTuber TheBeautyFashionBabe. With her entering the freshman year of high school, she has created a fun little review of the best new arrivals from CoolPencilCase.com. What are your favorites from her haul? The Lunchtime Favorites Pencil Pouch? The Pretzel Sticks Pencil Pouch? Sound off in the comments below!

Skip to 7:30 to see her review!

For the past couple of weeks, we've been all about the giveaways. It's never too late to walk into the classroom with a brand new pencil case! Watch the end of the video above to see how you can win a pencil case of your own from CoolPencilCase.com! Good luck everyone!


  1. My favorite is Pretzel Stick Pencil Pouch (Milk chocolate) Red!!

  2. My favourite from this haul is the hot dog pencil pouch! I love how the relish and the tomato sauce opens, its so cool! :)

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