Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cool Pencil Cases Under $5!

Well, besides the scorching hot temperatures we're experiencing here on the West Coast, we're sad to realize that Summer is pretty much out the door. Gone are the days spent entirely at the beach; the days when your only meal for lunch was a snow cane and mom was totally happy about it.

Now, we're all about starting the school year off right with some great study habits and an even greater arsenal of cool pencil cases and other school supplies. That's why we've rounded up the top pencil cases priced under $5! Now that's a steal!

Beni Bear Tin Pencil Case $2.25

Penguin's Life Slim Clear Pencil Pouch ($3.85)

Milk Chocolate Bar Pencil Box ($4.25)

True Love Slim Pencil Cases ($4.50)

Which Cool Pencil Case is on your list?

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