Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spotlight: Heart Themed Washi Tapes

Valentine’s Day was months ago but that doesn’t mean the love has stopped spreading at We have a wide variety of Washi Tape available but for this post, we specifically want to put the spotlight on our Heart Themed Washi Tapes. Why? Well, do we have to have a reason? Hearts just make people happy!

heart washi tape at
Heart Doodles Washi Tape $4.25

The Heart Doodles Washi Tape are definitely reminiscent of daydreaming of a crush when you’re supposed to be listening in class. Remember doodling hearts in the margins of your notebook? Well, find them on this washi tape instead. Tape them on a note to your pen pal to show your admiration or a love letter to a significant other!

heart washi tape at
Heart Lollipops Washi Tape $4.25

These Heart Lollipops Washi Tape features heart lollipops in a soft, cream pink color, Cute and whimsical, add this washi tape to your study planners or calendar events for a fun and colorful touch. The Stitched Heart Washi Tape is perfect for all the sewing and crafty gurus. Designed in a bright red color, use this tape to add a bold, loving touch to scrapbook pages, DIY projects, and more!

heart washi tape at
Stitched Heart Washi Tape $4.25

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