Thursday, November 7, 2013

Playing Cards at!

What's one of your favorite past times? We took a survey here at the CoolPencilCase office and we found one common answer to be playing cards! Inspired by this activity, we've rounded up a few items from pencil pouches, to mechanical pencils, to playing cards themselves ...take a look below!

playing cards school supplies at
Playing Cards Butterfly Pencil Pouch $22.45

Featuring a face card of a king or queen, these Playing Cards Butterfly Pencil Pouches are chic, majestic, and spacious. With a maximum capacity of twenty pens, keep your writing tools in this simple yet classically designed pencil case.

playing cards school supplies at
Rilakkuma Playing Cards $4.85

Play cards with Rilakkuma on deck (literally!) with these Rilakkuma Playing Cards! Each set of playing cards in this collection features Rilakkuma in a different theme. From a floral paradise to a Parisian Korilakkuma, choose between the fun style options and play cards with friends during pasttimes or afterschool!

playing cards school supplies at
Card of Hearts Charm 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil $7.25

One of our newer arrivals feature these Card of Hearts Charm 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils. With an elegant shimmery heart card charm added to both dream-like style options, make this enchanting mechanical pencil part of your writing tool collection.

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