Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cool Pens to Keep Your Secrets Safe!

Have a secret to tell a friend but don't want to risk anyone else finding out? Well, these cool pens will will make sure your secret will only be seen by the eyes of you and your friend. "How does that work?" you ask, these novelty pens, available at, are actually secret message pens...take a look below!

secret message pens at
Angry Birds Secret Message Pen $4.85

Under regular sunlight and indoor lighting, the ink in these pens are invisible. Only by the pen's special light will your message be revealed! Let your best friend in the scoop and grab two so exchanging messages will be safe and in secret!

secret message pens at
Bear's Sweets Secret Message Pen and Notepad $2.25

You'll find the Angry Birds Secret Message Pen to come in four awesome style options: Red Bird, Yellow Bird, Blue Bird, and Black Bird. The Bear's Sweets Secret Message Pen and Notepad comes in the following three style options (notepad included!): Beary Sweet, Delicious Desserts, and Chef's Specials.

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