Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#WhatsInYourCoolPencilCase: Camille

We're wrapping up the month of September and we've got one more person to ask, #whatsinyourcoolpencilcase? Today, we're featuring Camille from our Marketing Department. She'll show you that her pencil case houses way more than the essential school supplies.

"I'm really into neutral colors. I've been using the Parisian Socialite Butterfly Pencil Pouch for about two years now, and I really love the sophisticated look!"

"Inside, I keep just a couple of pens, but I use the big pockets to keep my cellphone and sunglasses. My work bag is so huge that it's probably best that I keep everything I need in this pencil case so I'm not searching for items for minutes!"

"I have to bring my charger every day because I'm always taking instagram photos, uploading photos, and answering e-mails on my phone. This cord is pretty long, so the Rilakkuma cord holder is BEYOND helpful."

"I'm all about tabs to keep me organized in the office, and I usually go through a whole pack every month. This month I've been obsessed with Converse Shoes Tab Sticker Set. This wide pocket is also super helpful to keep large and odd-shaped things, like my cell phone. Oh, and eyeliner is a must."

"My favorite type of pens are anything erasable! The Coca Cola pen is also my favorite, because I've always been a sucker for gel pens ever since I was in elementary school."

"Honestly, I was really surprised that my sunglasses could fit in this compartment. It's proven to be extremely helpful!"

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  1. Please will you EVER restock on the ramen mechanical pencils?? I have been waiting for more than three months!


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