Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Wonders: Cool Folders

Our slew of New Arrivals that debuted last week at included a variety of  subject folders. Of course, we're all still fans of folder dividers, but with these designs, who can say no? Each slim folder keeps homework and important papers protected to keep each sheet as crisp as the first day it was passed to you!

Style File - File Folders for More Than One Subject

For those of you who don't carry too many papers for each class, a folder with included tab dividers would be your best bet. Besides staying organized, this ultra light folder is a great way to keep your school bag light and easy to carry.

Hello Kitty 4-Subject Slim Organizer from Cool Pencil Case
Hello Kitty 4-Subject Slim Organizer ($4.15)

Rollin' Solo - Individual Subject Folders

A couple of people in the Cool Pencil Case office did say that they saved all their papers from each class (back in the day), and sometimes a 4-subject organizer like the one above wouldn't do too well. That's where the individual subject folders/envelopes come in.

Kamonohashikamo File Folder from Cool Pencil Case
Kamonohashikamo File Folder ($3.45)

Easily slip your papers in with the Kamonohashikamo file folder, or if you want some extra security, these nifty folders include a velcro-secured flap enclosure.

If you don't carry around a three-hole punch, you'll love this folder. By slipping off the sliding end of these folders, you can secure your papers (no hole punch required!) in a book-like format to easily read through lecture notes.

Domo-Kun Slide Folder from Cool Pencil Case
Domo-Kun Slide Folder ($3.25)

Calming Scenery Slide Folder from
Calming Scenery Slide Folder ($2.15)

Have you purchased one of these lately? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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