Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Decoration Card

If you've been following us since yesterday's blog post, you've seen the step-by-step tutorial for our glitter sticker craft pens. Now that the stickers' gel has finally dried, we'll show you the last part of our Mother's Day Craft idea.

Today we'll be using the Popcorn Pens, one of our most popular craft pens. The ink looks like acrylic paint, but it's really a special ink that turns into a popcorn-like consistency under the high heat of a blow dryer.

For this project, you'll need a piece of paper, a large tip marker, and different colors of Cool Pencil Case's popcorn pens.

With the marker, write a special message for your mom. Don't worry about the color of the pen. What you're writing is just a guide for you to follow when using with the popcorn pen. Remember to go over the lines a bit with the popcorn pen so no marker ink is seen!

Just to get a feel of the technique, we started with one letter at  a time. We found that it's best to have the applicator  directly on the paper to control how much ink is flowing out. Hovering over the paper while writing often creates too thick of a layer, which will result in A LOT of blow drying. Trust us, it's not fun.

Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect! Wet ink is glossier than dry ink, which is a good indicator when you're using the blow dryer.

To begin the popcorn effect, you'll need a blow dryer. We found that it was best to apply heat  on the highest setting  right after applying the popcorn ink. Place the blow dryer as near to the ink as possible without touching it.

Another good tip is to rest the edge of the blow dryer at an angle. The heat  will concentrate on one side to begin the popcorn effect and will still warm up the rest of the ink to pop as well.

Here's a close up of how our freshly popped "H" looks like. If you've spent some time on an area that hasn't quite "popped" yet, move on to another area. In a couple of minutes, it will pop on its own!

Now, we've skipped a couple of steps to quicken up the pace. Here's the finished product of a popcorn pen project! 

Based on how thin you apply the ink, the effect can be small speckles....

...or they can be huge bumps.

The end result is a simple decoration. We added a piece of construction paper and string. A sign like this would be a great morning surprise for moms. Before she wakes up, hang a sign like this on doorknobs, her rear view mirror in her car, etc to put a smile on her face.

We've also added the flower and butterfly sticker we created in our last blog post!  Look at the bright colors and 3D effects you can get with our Glitter Sticker Craft Pens!
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