Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mother's Day Craft Ideas

With exactly seven days until we honor our lovely mothers, it's getting harder to find thoughtful cards and gifts. This Mother's Day, creativity is key and will definitely be appreciated. For the first part of our Mother's Day Craft Ideas, we'll be showing you a very easy tutorial for DIY stickers with the help of our very popular Glitter Sticker Craft pens.

Luckily, when you order your choice of Glitter Sticker Craft pens, they come with this template and a transparent sheet of paper to start off your creations. 

We're still in the Spring mood, so naturally we chose the flower for our first design. Start off with the bud in the middle. We chose the orange color.

The best way to stay as mess-free as possible is to start in and work your way out. If you're creating petals, start at the bud and move the pen (while applying the glitter gel) towards you.

Remember to always play with colors. We started off this two-tone butterfly with lavender wing tips.  Try not to spread the glitter too thin. It will most likely dry too quickly or cause your sticker to tear when removing it from the transparent sheet.

We added pink for the last half of the butterfly wings. Note that the flower we were working on a couple of minutes ago is drying up. Once dried, the colors will turn much more vibrant, especially if you apply a thick layer of gel.

Don't be afraid to go over areas that are drying. With a steady hand and a soft touch, you can easily apply polka dots, stripes, or in this case, the body of a butterfly, without messing up the rest of the sticker.

Once dry, simply peel the sticker from the transparent sheet. Want to know how the stickers turned out? Stay tuned for our next blog to find out how our stickers turned out and what other Cool Pencil Case product we used for our Mother's Day card! If you haven't checked out our craft pens, Cool Pencil Case has a load of fun markers and pens that are anything but ordinary.

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