Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Kawaii Calculators!

For some of you, math might be a tad bit boring. But who said your calculators had to be? Check out our new selection of calculators that made their debut on last week!

Is it a scrumptious scoop of ice cream on a cone, or is it a calculator? Why not have both? The ice cream scoop actually protects the calculator's display by sliding up and down. Check out more images of the Ice Cream Sliding Calculator here!

We posted up a pic of our Kokeshi Doll Calculator on our Facebook page a couple days ago, and so many people were so excited to get their hands on one! The best part of this calculator? The maze game on the back!

Here in the office, the 2 in 1 ruler is a favorite! The fun designs are a plus, but most importantly, it's a great space-saving tool in your pencil case.

Check out more calculators in our new arrivals section!

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