Thursday, March 29, 2012

Money Saving Tips From Cool Pencil Case

What would you do with half a billion dollars?

That's not a random question folks here at Cool Pencil Case decided to ask. Tomorrow, one lucky person (or a couple of people) have the chance to win the United States' largest-ever lottery jackpot of $540 million. Still, most of us in the office came to the conclusion that even a couple of million would have us set for life. If there's one lucky winner of this insanely huge jackpot, he or she has the option of getting everything in cash for $389 million dollars!

Everyone talks about the first thing they would buy -- but does anyone talk about how they would manage all that money? We've heard some crazy lottery stories of how people completely blow millions of dollars within years, so here's a couple money saving tips from your friends from to consider if you're that lucky winner (or if you want to start using money wisely!).

There's always room to save

Clearly, $540 million (or even the cash option of $389 million) would not fit in our Kid's Electronic Savings Bank, but saving money will always be a great way to keep track of your money. Even if you're not a lottery winner, putting your loose change into a piggy bank can really add up!

Monitor where your money is going

Whether this weekend you'll be a jackpot winner, or just regular old you spending the last of your allowance, writing down how you're spending your money will give you a true perspective where your finances are going. Did you really need to spend half what's in your bank account on new clothes even though you knew that your phone bill was due in a couple of days? With a simple Cashbook, you can see all of your purchases at a glance. Who knows, maybe after using this you'll end up cutting back on purchases and focus more on saving!

What are some of your favorite money-saving tips? Comment below to share!

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