Wednesday, October 19, 2016

DIY: Halloween Decorations using Washi Tape!

easy decorations using washi tape

Halloween is slowly creeping up and we've already started to mark down the days for one of our favorite holidays of the year! With costume choices and candy cravings, one of our favorite parts of the season are the fun and spooky decorations. See below for awesome DIY projects using washi tape, and you'll find that decorations don't necessarily need to make a hole in your pocket!

easy decorations using washi tape
Make fun bookmarks and cards using washi tape!

Create homemade cards to send to loved ones and friends this Halloween season. Use the washi tape to create a pattern or keep it simple along the borders. Not only is this project quick and easy, but those receiving these cards will appreciate the sweet gesture! Have friends that are readers? Use the washi tape on blank bookmarks, add some ribbon, and you're good to go!

easy decorations using washi tape
See the tutorial to make these cute mason jars!

For this project, all you'll need besides washi tape are mason jars, googly eyes, and markers! This craft project is perfect for those hosting halloween parties this year. Decorate your mason jars to be fun little ghosts and monsters by wrapping washi tape all around then creating a fun, silly face using the markers and googly eyes. Fill the mason jars with candy and sweets for a centerpiece or straws and utensils for the food area, these will definitely stand out at the party!

easy decorations using washi tape
See here for 25 ways to decorate pumpkins!

Let's admit it, maybe not everyone is the best at carving pumpkins...but don't worry! See how easily you can decorate your pumpkins this year in a slightly different way. With some paint and washi tape, this DIY will allow you to show off your creativity this halloween. Washi Tape Pumpkin contest anyone?

Find more halloween ideas and inspiration by checking out our Pinterest board!

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