Monday, February 22, 2016

#CPCCrush: Jessica of @LuxeandtheLady

We spend tons of time on Instagram every day, and believe us, we can get stuck in the deep, dark scroll of the explore page. But what exactly makes you stop on a post and search through more photos on the same profile? Around Christmas time, we discovered a couple of amazing layflat images from Jessica of @LuxeandtheLady. From makeup to candy, each perfectly laid out image featured a couple of items that told a story that had us hopping from photo to photo.

(Included above: Jessica features the Sumikko Gurashi Peek-A-Boo Notes amongst her handmade Sumikko Gurashi cupcakes!)

If you know us at Cool Pencil Case, we're obsessed with our product shots. Last week, we even gave a quick tutorial on Snapchat showing how we shoot our products! (Are you following us, by the way? Add us: CoolPencilCase).

We decided to reach out to Jessica and ask the burning question, "How do you make the perfect layflat?" Cool Pencil Case's proclaimed layflat queen answers a couple of questions and more, and even features her favorite Cool Pencil Case products in a few shots! Boy, are we lucky to have our first #CPCCrush as awesome as she is!

1. How did you get started creating lay flats on instagram?

I started doing flatlays on Instagram when I was looking for unique ways to display my box subscription products without actually showing the items inside of the boxes because that's what everyone was doing. I guess I was trying to literally "think outside of the box" 😊

2. How do you gain inspiration for your posts? How do you keep creative?

I gain inspiration through Instagram, blogs, magazines, and emails for my posts. There are so many creative accounts and tutorials out there! I love to find a way to adapt one to make the idea suit my style. I find that creativity grows with practice.

(Included above: 5-Pack Macaron Erasers, Good Morning Little Baby Pencil Box, Pocky Slim Scented Pencil 5-Pack)

3. Which Cool Pencil Case items are in your stationery rotation right now?

I'm currently using the Pocky strawberry scented pencils nonstop. They are just too cute, and I love anything Pocky sticks! I'm also using the Good Morning Little Baby Pencil Box to keep my paper cutouts and planner accessories organized. 

4. What three things do you need to get the “perfect” lay flat (props, lighting, etc.)?

My main essentials for a great flatlay are natural lighting, white foamboard, and poster putty. I like to use the putty to hold round objects in place, and sometimes I even use it to change the angle of an object to make the details more visible. 

5. What advice do you have for people who want to produce creative content on social media?

The advice I would give someone who wants to produce creative content for social media is to just go for it! For so long I let fear get in the way, but I've found that practice really does make perfect. The more I stretch my creative muscles the more ideas I come up with, and the better I can make my pictures. Inspiration can come from anywhere if you try looking for it. 

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