Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Artist Feature: @Cicibep

We came across @Cicibep a couple of weeks ago on Instagram and were amazed at her fun anime drawings and other illustrations. Lately, she's shown off a couple of her Cool Pencil Case picks, and it turns out she's a huge fan of Sumikko Gurashi! The gals at the office wanted to know a little more about this talent, so we shot over a couple of questions to pick her brain on her design inspiration and art supplies of choice. Oh, and did we mention Cici is still in high school?

Describe yourself! What’s your name, current occupation and choice of artistic expression?
I'm currently a highschool student and my hobbies are of course drawing, jamming to instrumental music and hoarding super cute stationery/art supplies. My artistic style/expression leans toward anime and cartoon. Watching Sailor Moon and Pokemon were what inspired me to start drawing as a small child. I'm still learning how to produce art in which I do in my free time to express my appreciation towards existing characters and my originals.

(Included Above: Sumikko Gurashi Confetti Sticker Pack and Sumikko Gurashi Delightful Castle Pencil Pouch)

What Cool Pencil Case product is helping you organize your life and/or making your creative space more manageable?

Sumikko Gurashi products from Cool Pencil Case are what I enjoy using the best! I'm currently using the (Sumikko Gurashi) Kurutoga Pencil to sketch my art and also use it for writing (I basically use it for EVERYTHING). I also use many of Sumikko Gurashi's memo note pads and their folders to keep organize and help with my studies. Cool Pencil Case Products never disappoints! I like to collect all the Sumikko Gurashi products that Cool Pencil Case has to offer but there are many more that I love!

Tell us about your creative process! What inspires you? What is your favorite thing to illustrate?

There's nothing really special about my art process; my philosophy is that I would never force myself to draw, because it never turns out great. I would get sudden urges to draw, and that's when I know I should start. I'm usually inspired by anime that I currently like to watch and produce fanart; currently obsessed with Osomatsu-san and Touken Ranbu. I also draw originals where I just look around for random things, like a house plant, and draw something based off of it. My favorite things to illustrate are men because they are like in my comfort zone haha! And small cat doodles of course.

(Included Above: Japanese Doll Gel Pen Collection)

How often are you drawing/illustrating? What are your favorite supplies to use? 
I only draw when I have time because I'm in my third year of high school I don't have much leisure time to draw what I want. The only time when I'm able to draw is if its a paid commission or weekends (rarely). My art supplies aren't as special either, I always use my trusty kurutoga pencil that I've used for 2-3 years! For coloring I use Holbein and copic markers!

What advice do you have for budding artists?
My advice to budding artists is that you guys should accept and appreciate what you are able to produce! Learn to be able to accept constructive criticism and produce art to please yourself first before you try to please others. Always try to use your own skills to draw your art and not rely on another existing piece of work to copy, copying another piece of art won't get you far! As an artist myself, the only thing that really matters is just have fun and draw to your heart's content.

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