Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween's Best: Rilakkuma Panda Costume


Who would have thought the best Halloween costume inspiration would come from good ol' Rilakkuma. This season, Rilakkuma and the gang are planning to dress up as pandas. Celebrate their look with the Rilakkuma Panda Costume collection from Cool Pencil Case! With folders, mechanical pencils and more, get ready to dress up for one of the funnest holidays of the year! See our favorites below, all under $10!

Rilakkuma Panda Costume Mechanical Pencil ($4.85)

Writing all day can be tiring for your fingers. Grab a mechanical pencil with a soft finger rest to be comfortable all day long.

Rilakkuma Panda Costume Notepad Set and Pencil Holder ($8.25)

Already in possesion of a Rilakkma Panda Costume Mechanical Pencil or Wooden Pencil? Keep it within reach with this fun notepad set and pencil holder. This notepad set includes three designs to keep the theme alive beyond Halloween!

Rilakkuma Panda Costume Stationery Set ($8.65)

Keep snail mail alive! This stationery set includes letter sheets and envelopes to send to family and friends.

Rilakkuma Panda Costume Multi Pocket Folder $6.25

Keep your papers crisp and clean within the pockets of the Rilakuma Panda Costume Multi Pocket Folder. This is a perfect accessory for both you and mom!

Rilakkuma Panda Costume Eraser ($3.85)

Can't go wrong with a matching eraser -- the question is, which design is going to call your pencil case home?
Grab all the color ways or stock up on your favorite! These wooden pencils are only $1.55 and are the perfect companion to any item in the Rilakkuma Panda Costume collection.


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