Friday, December 12, 2014

Stocking Stuffers from Cool Pencil Case

Happy Friday, everyone! By now, most of you might have your holiday decorations up. While your personalized stockings hang freely by the fireside, don't forget to fill them up with fun stocking stuffers. From paper clips to slim pencil cases, check out our picks that might make it into your stocking by Christmas! 

Cheap Christmas gifts for kids

Top row, left to right:

1) Arrow Paper Clips ($4.25) - Who said paper clips had to be round? Point these to specific parts of your favorite book or to attract much-needed documents on school paperwork. 

2) Notebook Pen Jackets ($13.25) - Slip this into the stocking of a studious loved one. Carry around a favorite pen and pencil in a mini pencil pouch that easily hugs the cover of his or her most used notebook.

3) Three Dimensional Apple and Pear Notepads ($3.95) - Leave this apple on the desk of your most inspirational teacher.

Bottom row, left to right:

4) Rilakkuma and Friends Tin Pencil Case ($9.95) - This under $10 is still available in three options -- perfect for the Rilakkuma lover!

5) Delightful Dots Mechanical Pencil ($3.25) - A mechanical pencil your mom, sister, aunt, and cousin will all love!

6) Mustache Eraser and Wooden Pencil ($3.25) - Clown around with this mustache eraser and wooden pencil duo!

Remember to check out our ordering deadlines to make sure your Christmas gifts for friends, family and yourself get to you on time!

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