Wednesday, October 22, 2014

An Interview with @PaperPanduh

Meet Maricris of @paperpanduh. We recently discovered her on Instagram and fell in love with her fun stationery layouts! Take a peek below at some shots of her favorite Cool Pencil Case items and how her love of stationery came to be. Are you using your planner for the same reason she is? Let us know in the comments below!

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Describe your love of stationery to us.I've loved stickers and stationery since the Sanrio craze days! I've always been very old school.  I've been snail mailing since middle school but just recently got back into it after seeing how many people are also into it on Instagram! Instagram has definitely inspired me to create again! I love everything that has to do with paper!

What do you love best about your favorite Filofax/planner and why?I only have one Erin Condren planner and I love how the cover is personalized! They recently made them into removable covers so you can choose and make them your own!

Tell us about your favorite and most used Filofax/planner accessory?My two current favorite planner accessories are my fine point black Coleto pen and my Kawaii diary stickers!

When did you start using your Filofax/planner and how did it change the
way you prepared for the day/week/month?

I've used a paper planner since I was in middle school... and I've used it throughout college :) I feel more accomplished physically crossing off my To Do lists! Even though I have a smart phone, I could never get myself to use it as my planner! Since I'm not a student anymore, its more for appointments and daily tasks now.

How do you organize all of your stationery and supplies?
I use a Raskog cart from IKEA :) Google it, its pretty nifty!

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