Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Sale Item Spotlight: Rilakkuma and Angry Birds Coin Pouches!

Have you heard? There's a Christmas Sale at and there's lots of awesome stuff you can get to fill stockings, as presents, and even gifts for yourself! To put a spotlight on a couple of some favorite items, we wanted to showcase these super cool coin pouches:

coin pouches at
Rilakkuma Coin Pouch $4.85

Whether you want to start saving up money or to (finally) gather all that loose change laying around, these coin pouches are just for you! Styled in either Rilakkuma or Angry Birds, you'll find colorful options to choose from either character design. To add to the fun, you'll also find these daily essentials to be just under $5...perfect for those on a budget this holiday season!

coin pouches at
Angry Birds Coin Pouch $4.85

Happy holidays, CoolPencilCase lovers!

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