Friday, August 23, 2013

All Things Rilakkuma at CoolPencilCase

Embracing all things Rilakkuma, allow us to showcase the Rilakkuma collection at!

san-x school supplies at

[ 1 ] For lovers of Rilakkuma and all things sweet, we present the Rilakkuma Sweet Chocolate Pencil Case. Designed to look like delicious chocolate wrapped in a pink foil, this pencil case is as sweet as it gets!

[ 2 ] Prevent tangles with these Rilakkuma Cord/Headphone Holders. Allow these holders to neatly wrap up those headphones and cords for quick and easy access when it’s time for use!

[ 3 ] These Rilakkuma Notebook Penholders are cute, functional, and a must-have for school. Giving you quick access to your writing tool, these will sure come in handy when jotting down reminders or when there’s a pop quiz!

[ 4 ] With these Rilakkuma Fun Times Pencil Boxes, the fun times never have to end! Whether there’s a yummy picnic, a jam session, a hangout with friends, or a day for sweet lemonade, each of these style options show awesome memories being made with Rilakkuma and friends!

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