Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Floral Collection!

Summer is here but that doesn’t mean the flowers stopped blooming at CoolPencilCase. Check out our floral collection below and add to your garden of school supplies!

floral school supplies at

[ 1 ] These Rose-Curled Plush Pencil Pouches are irresistible in more ways than one. In addition to the soft plush texture, you’ll find the plush designed as individual rose-curls! Springtime Pink or Autumn Greens?

[ 2 ] Available in three style options, these Soft Petals 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils are simple, cute, and ready to be a part of your mechanical pencil collection. You’ll find the most notable feature on the clip of each mechanical pencil as it resembles that of a bloomed flower petal.

[ 3 ] Love scrap booking, arts and crafts, and anything do-it-yourself? You’ll fall in love with these Floral Trim Stationery Tapes. Add some floral fun to the pages of your scrapbook to even vases around the house.

[ 4 ] Designed with a beautiful heart made up of colorful flowers, the Floral Heart Writing Journal completes this floral collection! Small enough to fit in your school or handbag, fill the pages of this notebook with thoughts, secrets, or anything your heart wishes to say.


  1. Can you please restock on the Ramen mechanical pencils? Or tell me when they can be available? I want to order alot buy i also want the ramen one alot too >.<

    1. We'll let you know if they come back to stock! Thanks for shopping at!

  2. im thinking about what one to pick there all so cool i think ill get the pouch and pencils i cant decide any help ???i need help on back to school supplies


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