Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bookmark Collection at Clips, Line Markers, and More!

School is coming to an end and summer vacation is almost here! (Well, at least for us here in Southern California). You know what that means…time to put down those textbooks and pick up those books you’ve always wanted to read but just never had the time. Mark those pages with the many bookmarks available at…take a look below!

san-x character bookmark clips at
Rilakkuma & Sentimental Circus Bookmark Clips

san-x character bookmark clips at
Sentimental Circus Bookmark Clips Collection

Don’t forget where you left off in the story with the help of Rilakkuma, Shappo, and more! These bookmark clips feature your favorite character attached to a bigger-than-normal sized clip, allowing these bookmarks to surely stand out from the rest. As the Rilakkuma & Sentimental Circus Bookmark Clips feature four cute characters (with Korilakkuma and even Kiiroitori), the Sentimental Circus Bookmark Clips Collection include a set of three!

book line markers at
Book Line Metal Markers Collection

Maybe you don’t have a summer reading list and actually a required one for the upcoming school year…we got you covered! Perfect for the older students, we present one of our newest arrivals: the Book Line Metal Markers Collection. With SATs coming up or even those big exams you plan on taking after college, these book line markers are perfect for keeping track of those important lines, pages, and notes. Each set in this collection contain 20 markers, so don’t worry about running out anytime soon!

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