Thursday, May 2, 2013

Staying Healthy at!

As much as we love everything sweet here at CoolPencilCase, we also make sure to maintain a well-balanced diet (as well as exercise) to keep our minds and bodies strong and healthy! Whether it’s a quick jog before work or a bowl of fruits on our snack table, we found plenty of ways to stay fit. Here are a few items that have also inspired us to live a better lifestyle:

food erasers at

With these Sliced Bread Loaf Erasers, we found that eating healthier can start with anything…even your lunch! For a change, try wheat bread when making sandwiches…you’ll find it to be a better alternative!

fruit pencil cases at

Have you had your servings of fruit today? These Fruit Pencil Pouches always remind to us to make sure we’re eating a good amount of fruits and vegetables every day. Apples or oranges anyone?

vitamin pencils and eraser sets at

Vitamins are also very important as they boost our immune system and improve our well-being. Check out this Daily Vitamin Pencil, Pen, and Eraser Set! We currently have the “Memory Boost” style option… perfect for boosting your memory for that upcoming test!

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