Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Donuts Delight at!

Donut erasers, mechanical pencils, and even tape dispensers…who can ask for more? From flavors like Banana Bonanza and Raspberry-filled to Apple Tart and Cotton Candy, take a peek at our donut collection below!

food mechanical pencils at

If you love donuts and sprinkles, you’ll definitely love our Donuts and Sprinkles 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils. With a fun donut charm attached to the pencil and sprinkles designed around the middle, this mechanical pencil will be a sweet addition to your writing tools.

food erasers at

Pair up your mechanical pencil with these Donut Erasers! With the tastiest flavors around, you’ll think these erasers are the real things! Even if they are not edible, you will still want this treat in your pencil case!

food tape dispensers at

 Who said you office supplies have to be plain and dull? We sure don’t agree! Add some deliciousness to regular office supplies with these Donut Tape Dispensers! Choose your favorite flavor, and your donut tape is ready for use! 

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