Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kamonohashikamo Kraze

Lately, there’s been a ‘kraze’ at Cool Pencil Case featuring none other than our favorite platypus, Kamonohashikamo! On pencil boxes, mechanical pencils, and clipboards, this San-X character – yup! the same company that made Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma – is making his own mark on school supplies. Check them out below as well as other Kamonohashikamo products on!

Kamonohashikamo school supplies at

[ 1 ] Walk and write using this Kamonohashikamo Clipboard Binder as a solid surface. Don’t feel confined to your desk as you can take notes wherever you are! This clipboard binder is also there to keep your papers in place, best of all…it has Kamonohashikamo on the cover!

[ 2 ] Ever hear of a pencil box with a whiteboard included? Yup, it exists! This Kamonohashikamo Whiteboard Pencil Box does more than hold your school supplies but features a whiteboard with a marker and eraser! Write reminders, notes, or even draw pictures, this awesome feature makes this pencil box a must-have!

[ 3 ] Make your ‘kraze’ for Kamonohashikamo known with these Kamonohashikamo Medallion 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils! Featuring a medallion on the clip of the mechanical pencil, make it no secret which platypus is the coolest!

[ 4 ] Writing those notes and essays can be more fun with Kamonohashikamo around! Available in pink, blue, or yellow, these colorful Kamonohashikamo 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils will brighten up the mood when its time for writing.

[ 5 ] See where the adventure will take you with these Kamonohashikamo Adventures 0.5 Mechanical Pencils! A trip to the farmer’s market, a bike rider, relaxation in the sun, or parachuting, wherever the destination, this platypus promises a good time!

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