Wednesday, August 8, 2012

University Back-to-School Essentials

Even students wrapping up their summers to start back up at college have something to fall in love with at Cool Pencil Case. Sure, we're all about fun and quirky school supplies, but that doesn't mean your little brother or sister has to be the only one who will be anticipating a package at the doorstep. Cool Pencil Case has dorm essentials and school supplies that are essential to get through any lecture or discussion in the most stylish and functional way possible.

Pencil Roll Cases

Pencil rolls are a chic and modern way to keep pens, pencils, highlighters, and even tubes of lip gloss in one place. The pencil roll is available in multiple designs for young men and women and is considered to be a much more mature style for our customers. If you're constantly rushing to get from one hall to another, a pencil roll is a great way to lay out your pens on your desk to make a quick getaway once class is done. 

Who doesn't love a good all-in-one pen? Customization is key with the Hi-Tec Coleto pen. Express yourself with your favorite pen body color, available in black, light blue, pink, and clear. Based on your liking, you can pick and choose four different cartridges to fill in the 4 retractable slots. From mechanical pencil cartridges to 0.3 or 0.5 gel ink cartridges, the Hi-Tec Coleto pen is one that you probably won't want to lend to your neighbor.

Animal Paper Clips Collection

Sometimes college is a little too hectic thank we'd prefer it to be. Keep all your lecture notes and important papers for each class with this cool paper clip collection. Besides the funky colors these cases come in, the real gem is the animal-shaped paper clips that give your lined notebook paper a pop of fun.
Classic Light Alarm Clock

Chances are, you'll be pulling at least one all-nighter studying for an important midterm or final. Make sure you're snooze-free with an alarm clock that will really get you out of bed. While Cool Pencil Case has an amazing selection of alarm clocks that will really get your day started, the Classic Light Alarm Clock is a timeless piece that will match all of your dorm room decorations.


Make sure your entire week is planned out in advance with one of our planners. The best thing about our planners is that they do not come pre-dated. That means, you can be your own boss and start your year on and month, date, and year you feel like. Most planners come with templates for the year, month, and week. Who knows, after planning out your weeks in advance, maybe you'll find that you really do have time for everything.

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  1. Thanks for the great gift ideas for my daughter. She is going off to school shortly and I wanted to send her off with a nice gift box full of some essentials as well as some nicer gifts. I must say that that leather roll up really is a cool pencil case and I might have to add it to the box. I already have a first aid kid, some perfume and other toiletries as well as a Nexus 7 tablet. She had expressed concern about the cost of TV in her dorm. Working for DISH I already knew the perfect solution. I put the DISH Remote Access app on there so she can stream all of her favorite live TV channels and DVR recordings straight from our Hopper DVR here at home. I hope she will be pleasantly surprised when she opens up her basket.


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