Thursday, June 21, 2012

Easy DIY: Floral Trim Stationery Tape

An item that's a office favorite is the Floral Stationery Trim Tape. For those of you who are fans of washi tape, you'll definitely be fans of this tutorial. We decided to take some props from our photo studio and see what awesome and easy do-it-yourself designs we could think up. Get ready to spruce up your office and living space with these ideas!

For this project, you'll need our floral trim stationery tape,
scissors, and a vase or bowl.

It's easiest to measure how much floral tape you need to wrap
around your object. This stuff is too cute to waste!

It's the summer, so bright colors are a win! We chose a jolly
yellow and bright blue color combo and gave this plain
object a total makeover. Now, it's anything but ordinary.

Our floral stationery tape come in really cute cutout
designs. Here's an up-close shot of the butterfly pattern.

We didn't stop there! We took strips of the floral trim stationery
tape and cut them into angled strips for a modern, chic look.

 We took a piece of black paper to provide a great contrast
against our selection of fun and bright colors. These would make
 great scrapbook or journal cover designs!

Seeing how great the angled strips looked, it was only
necessary to spruce up some more household objects.
We took this plain white vase....

...and turned it into this. How cool does this overlap effect look?

And it's a small, but fun makeover in minutes!
Leave a comment below and let us know which design is your favorite!


  1. Oh boy! This looks fun!! ... Now I need washi tape. Muahaha!

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