Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blast from the Past is definitely not just for kids. It's a trip down memory lane with some of our products, and we even see our adult customers gushing over the things that made their child and teen years so memorable!

The Converse High Top

Oh, the Converse shoe. It's a classic that seems to transcend generations. For Converse lovers, check out one of our most popular pencil cases, the Converse Shoe Pencil Pouch!

Mario and Luigi

While the younger generation holds on to Pokemon, the older folks have Mario! Super Mario Brothers was one of the most popular video games in the 80's, and our Mario Pencil Pouch is sure to bring a feeling of nostalgia for those who sat hours trying to rescue Princess Daisy.

Sesame Street

The young ones aren't the only ones who grew up with Big Bird, Ernie, and the Cookie Monster. The original Sesame Street cast saw its debut in the 70's and has remained one of the most well-loved shows today. Our Sesame Street Pencil Pouch is a favorite among all, young and old!

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