Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School Donation: CoolPencilCase.com Helps Spirit of America Band - South Africa Trip 2011

The Spirit of America Band is an award winning marching ensemble that not only has put on numerous field shows to inspire patriotism into the hearts of Americans across the country, but will soon be traveling to South Africa in September of this year. The ensemble will be leading workshops to teach South African youth through the many lessons of music, and CoolPencilCase.com had the great privilege of donating many of our products to Spirit of America Band! These products will be given to the many students Spirit of America Band will be teaching, and they will be used daily by students just like you!
Join us in supporting this great organization and inspiring band! You can check out some of the cool things that Spirit of America has done, like a grocery store flash mob (click here) or you can watch a video about Spirit of America's September trip (click here)!

Check out some of CoolPencilCase's new products, just like the ones we recently sent to South Africa!

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